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Barber of Seville
Madame Butterfly
Marriage of Figaro
Lucia di Lammermoor
Tristan and Isolde
Full lists:
Opera to 1800
19th C German Opera
(except Wagner)
Richard Wagner
19th C Italian Opera
19th C French Opera
Other 19th C Opera
20th C Opera


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Middle Ages Music
Renaissance Music
Baroque Era Music
Classical Era Music
Romantic Era Music
Nationalist Era Music
Turn of Century Music


Barber of Seville Pictures
La Bohème Pictures
Carmen Pictures
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Flying Dutchman Pictures
Madame Butterfly Pictures
Magic Flute Pictures
Rigoletto Pictures
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Opera Pictures

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Classical Music
Famous Composers
Bach o Beethoven o Chopin o Early Composers o Handel o Haydn o Liszt o
Mendelssohn o Mozart o Schubert o Schumann
Classical Music Quotes
Bach Quotes o Beethoven Quotes o Brahms Quotes o Chopin Quotes o Handel
Quotes o Haydn Quotes o Liszt Quotes o Mendelssohn Quotes o Mozart
Quotes o Schubert Quotes o Schumann Quotes o Tchaikovsky Quotes
Classical Composer Pictures
Bach Pictures o Beethoven Pictures o Brahms Pictures o Chopin Pictures
o Handel Pictures o Haydn Pictures o Liszt Pictures o Mozart Pictures o
Schubert Pictures o Schumann Pictures o Tchaikovsky Pictures
Full List: Composer Pictures
Classical Music Concert Guide
Bach: St Matthew Passion
Beethoven: Ninth Symphony (Choral)
Handel: The Messiah
Mozart: Symphony in C Major (Jupiter)
All Classical Music Commentaries: Middle Ages Music o Renaissance Music
o Baroque Music o Classical Era Music o Romantic Era Music o
Nationalist Era Music o Turn of the 20th Century Music
Opera Composers, Opera Plots, Opera Music
Mozart: Life of Mozart o Don Giovanni o The Marriage of Figaro o The
Magic Flute
Beethoven: Life of Beethoven o Fidelio
Verdi: Life of Verdi o Rigoletto o Il Trovatore o La Traviata o Aïda
Rossini: Life of Rossini o The Barber of Seville o William Tell
Donizetti: Life of Donizetti o Lucia di Lammermoor o Lucrezia Borgia o
La Fille du Regiment o La Favorita o Don Pasquale
Wagner: Life of Wagner o Theory of Music Drama o Tristan and Isolde -
Source and Meaning o Tristan and Isolde - Plot o Tristan and Isolde -
History o Tristan and Isolde - Music
Bizet: Life of Bizet o Carmen o The Music of Carmen o The History of
Puccini: Life of Puccini o Madame Butterfly - History o Madame
Butterfly - Story o Madame Butterfly - Music o La Bohème o La Tosca
All Opera Composers, Plots, Music (by Period): Opera to 1800 o 19th
Century German Opera (except Wagner) o Richard Wagner o 19th Century
Italian Opera o 19th Century French Opera o Other 19th Century Opera o
20th Century Opera
Opera Pictures, Quotes: Opera Pictures o Opera Quotes
Jazz Quotes:
Louis Armstrong Quotes o Miles Davis Quotes o Duke Ellington Quotes o
Ella Fitzgerald Quotes o Billie Holiday Quotes o Thelonious Monk Quotes
o Jelly Roll Morton Quotes o Fats Waller Quotes
All Jazz Quotes: Jazz Quotes
Jazz Pictures:
Early Era: Louis Armstrong Pictures o Bix Beiderbecke Pictures o Scott
Joplin Pictures
Swing Era: Count Basie Pictures o Duke Ellington Pictures o Benny
Goodman Pictures
Modern Era: John Coltrane Pictures o Miles Davis Pictures o Charlie
Parker Pictures
All Jazz Pictures: Jazz Pictures
Rock and Pop Music
Rock and Pop Quotes:
The 50s: Chuck Berry Quotes o Elvis Presley Quotes o Little Richard
The 60s: Beatles Quotes o Bob Dylan Quotes o Jimi Hendrix Quotes o
Janis Joplin Quotes o Jim Morrison Quotes o Rolling Stones Quotes
The 70s: James Brown Quotes o Elton John Quotes o Fleetwood Mac Quotes
o Freddie Mercury (Queen) Quotes o Pink Floyd Quotes o Led Zeppelin
The 80s: Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) Quotes o Michael Jackson Quotes o U2
The 90s: Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Quotes
All Rock and Pop Quotes: Rock Quotes
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Piano Pictures
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Secret re Your Piano Music o Five Tips on Playing Piano or Keyboard o
Beginner Piano Tunes
Full List: How to Learn Music articles
Music Dictionary o Music History o Music Reference Works o Popular
Music Books o Melbourne Ring Cycle 2013
For Children: Music Games, Nursery Rhymes
Music Games o Nursery Rhymes: Lyrics, Music Clips
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Beethoven Quotes
Bizet Quotes
Mozart Quotes
Puccini Quotes
Rolling Stones Quotes
Wagner Quotes
All music quotes:
Classical Music Quotes
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Opera Quotes
Rock Quotes


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